Innovative Interior Design Project for An Office in LKO

This is one of our latest Interior design project completed in Gomtinagar area of Lucknow. This project was a daunting task for our team because of low cost and limited time frame. When we took this project in our hand everything at the site was a big mess up. The commercial office space site was nothing but a pile of junk yard with broken wall and ruined ceiling.

The client approached us because he was looking for best and innovative office interior designer in Lucknow. He was having limited budget, hence he was looking for someone who can design the interior of his office in low cost or in limited and minimum budget. He was also having a tight time frame in which the office interior needs to be completed.

The client wanted us to design the interior of his cabin to be something like he never seen before. He wanted the furniture of his cabin to be space saving, mind boggling with state of art finish. The table, chair and other furniture of his cabin needed to be royal with mixture of classical cum modern touch. He already contacted with many Architects and Interior Designers in Lucknow but most of them failed to satisfy his demands. Most of them provided 3D designs for the interior of his office but they were all very basic and repetitive.

When we presented the basic idea of office interiors he was quite satisfied. When we presented the 3D modeling of his cabin interiors and other area of his office, he gave us a go and told to finish it within his time frame.

In these galleries, you can see the before and after images of the office. The Royal table that you see is made from corain and interiors were finished mixing with classical and modern interior design concept.

Office Interior Image (Before)

Office Interior Real Images (After)